Marketing Department

Position DescriptionSalary
Marketing Manager 1.Responsible for the implementation of the company's brand and product marketing planning, can independently complete the planning and communication planning and co-ordination of the brand and products;
2.Excavate and analyze user habits, emotional experiences and feelings, and be good at creating event marketing;
3.Familiar with various media and professional forums, implement advertising, soft-text communication, forum marketing, email marketing and other means of promotion.
4.According to the work objectives, promote the marketing and maintenance of the pipeline through online and offline, carry out market promotion work, and enhance the visibility of the organization;
5.According to the department's work deployment, formulate online network marketing plan and offline activity plan, and organize implementation; continuously optimize the promotion plan and conduct effect evaluation;
6.Carry out information collection, collation and analysis of offline pipelines to gain insight into competitive market dynamics;
7.Planning and organizing and offline promotion activities
Upon Interview
Market Clerk 1.Assisting the department in daily management and group management
2.Handling department's daily accounting report
3.Independent and able to work independently
4.Accepting duties at any time to accept tasks at the higher level
5.Assisting the administrative department in completing the company's administrative affairs and daily internal affairs of the department
65K - 85K pesos/month
Station Specialist 1.Site optimization management
2.Check if the key part of the website has been set
3.Check the link inside the website
4.Check if there is a dead link in the website.
5.Obey the superior assigned keywords task to build a station
65K - 85K pesos/month
Optimization Specialist 1.Selecting quality and accurate links
2.Selecting accurate external links
3.Updating daily related articles
4.Managing outreach links (renewing fees)
5.Recording friend chain and chain management
65K - 85K pesos/month
Video Production 1.Produce official website offer video (2-5 minutes)
2.Produce sports-related short videos for social media: Weibo, WeChat, QQ (30 seconds to 2 minutes)
3.Make funny short videos (entertainment, fun, inspirational, funny, hype) Video clip

description of job:
1.Responsible for the planning, collection, shooting and editing of short videos;
2.responsible for video editing, subtitles, sound effects and picture processing and composite output;
3.Proficiency in the use of multimedia editing software to master the complete technology of film source from production to finished product.
Upon Interview
Post Management 1.Assist account interface setting
2.Pipeline related picture production (cooperate with art)
3.Confirm sports copy/translation provide enough articles to publish every day
4.Publish all pipe account articles (important level is 1-3, level 1 The account has the highest level of merit)
5.Reward the ranking of the pipeline keywords, and create related tables
65K - 85K pesos/month

Product Department

Position DescriptionSalary
UI Designer 1.Responsible for the art design and image processing of the website;
2.Familiar with webpage focus theory, have rich experience in webpage layout; sensitive to color, able to deal with various visual conflicts, and have good aesthetics;
3.Think from the user's point of view, improve the usability of the website, optimize the design; be able to tap the browsing habits and click requirements of consumers;
4.Responsible for other design work assigned by superiors;
Upon Interview
UE Design 1.Computer or design related majors, fully involved in every aspect of the product life cycle;
2.with excellent page design and interactive design capabilities, proficient in design and prototyping tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Visio, etc.;
Upon Interview
Product Specialist 1.Responsible for analyzing the needs of the company's products and designing the products;
2.Responsible for writing product documents, designing product prototypes and interactive processes;
3.Responsible for coordinating the communication of relevant resources, promoting the implementation of management product functions, following up the progress of the project, and improving the overall quality of the project;
4.Research and manage product requirements from users and companies, complete demand research and analysis, and promote product function improvement;
Upon Interview
PHP Development Engineer 1.Develop Internet applications using the PHP language
2.Development and maintenance of website product and website function modules
3.Coordinate with the page designer to write some Javascript and HTML
4.Mobile website interface development and background management system development, maintenance, management
65K - 85K pesos/month
Front-end Engineer 1.Responsible for the development and optimization of front-end pages such as product App and web systems, promotion activities, etc.
2.Work closely with the design team to achieve the design team's design ideas
3.Continuously optimize the quality, performance, and user experience of related products
Upon Interview
Graphic Design 1.Responsible for the overall image design, online store style and merchandise display design of the company's storefront, homepage advertisement production and beautification, overall layout, event advertisement and related pictures;
2.Responsible for the design of the company's website page, the beautification of the page, the production of various activities and thematic pages;
3.Responsible for typography of new products, optimization of baby descriptions in the store, landscaping of product images and merchandise;
4.Responsible for regularly updating promotional pictures and pages, cooperating with store sales activities, optimizing product pages and regularly updating the store's homepage;
5.graduated from art design related majors, with more than one year of relevant work experience, able to continue to accept work pressures and challenges, work attitude Correct, patient, meticulous, have done Taobao art;
65K - 85K pesos/month

Sports Department

Position DescriptionSalary
Copywriter 1.Familiar with sports events, and can collect, edit, and integrate information
2.Write a network copy, with creativity and imagination
3.Product copy editing, writing sports original articles
4.Planning thought / copywriting editor 5.Various types of advertising copywriting / writing
6.Planning design
7.Responsible for the key footsteps of basketball sports news information tracking and data collection
8.Writing sports reports and texts live
9.Responsible for translation of foreign sports websites
65K - 85K pesos/month
Sports Copy / Translation / Writer 1.Copywriter: Write a sports original article (according to the style of the pipeline, 2-4 articles per day) Find sports news (5 hot news)
2.Match analysis and collection (mainly based on the day's events) Translation: related sports news (can be outsourced, only responsible for review)
3.Website related documents (English version website, sponsored file translation, etc.)
65K - 85K pesos/month
Forum Commissioner 1.Responsible for the promotion of the website and increase the traffic of the website.
2.Mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the forum and the image promotion of the external forum company
3.Responsible for text layout to attract more players
4.Research forum competing products and provide iteration and improvement needs
5.Assist in cooperating with moderators to plan forum activities and increase forum activity
6.Regularly interview users and users to analyze user needs and website advantages and disadvantages
65K - 85K pesos/month

Customer Service Department

Position Description Description
Online Service 1.Online response to customer inquiries;
2.Assist clients in dealing with related issues.
3.Handling customer complaints.
4.Help customers solve problems.
5.Provide product related information and application data flow assistance.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Telephone Customer Service 1.The conversion company registers the uninvested customers as investment customers and maintains the customers.
2.Do a good job of maintaining old customers and developing potential customers.
3.Maintain customer relationships, pass the company's products and services to customers; colleagues collect market and customer information to the relevant departments of the company.
4.Cooperate with online promotion work, do a good job in the implementation of offline activities and related expansion business.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Salesman 1.Complete sales tasks based on customer information provided by the company
2.Responsible for expanding the franchise channels, continuously developing new customers and maintaining old customers;
3.Collect and analyze market data and regularly update the latest information;
4.Cooperate with online promotion work, do a good job in the implementation of offline activities and related expansion business.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Sales Supervisor 1.Master market environment changes and company development needs
2.Effectively manage the company's list, output performance, and lead the telemarketing team to achieve results
3.Incentive / Management / Training / Counseling Telemarketer
4.Assist in handling customer complaints
5.Promote the company, execute various projects or service activities
6.In the process of interacting with customers, discover the blind spots and problems of the company's operation, and actively propose suggestions for improvement.
7.Management responsibility: need to bear management responsibility, and directly manage the number of people about 20 or more
Upon Interview
Sales Team Leader 1.Achievements: Lead the sales team to achieve the company's performance targets.
2.Team management: Manage the sales team and motivate morale.
3.Management list: Effectively manage the company list and output performance.
4.Training Skills: Have sales skills for training sales personnel.
5.Formerly a salesman and sales management experience.
6.Management Responsibilities: The supervisor is required to take responsibility for management.
Upon Interview

Finance Department

Position Description Salary
Financial Manager 1.Responsible for the formulation of various financial systems;
2.Responsible for the work of financial accounting;
3.Responsible for the company's annual comprehensive budget management work;
4.Responsible for the monthly business results analysis report;
5.Responsible for training and guiding the company's financial staff;
6.Responsible for the management of financial information systems;
7.Responsible for the company's financial planning and cost accounting control, preparation of company funds and financial budget, and reasonable control of the company's cash flow;
8.Prepare financial statements, provide real and compliant financial statements to external institutions, conduct financial analysis of the company's operations, and provide management with timely, accurate and effective internal financial management reports;
Upon Interview
Finance Commissioner 1.Perform online banking transfer, payment and payment operations 2.Check if the account fund flow matches the record 3.Production maintenance fund balance sheet, receipt date report, etc. 65K - 85K pesos/month

Risk Control Department

Position Description Salary
Risk Control Manager 1.Responsible for establishing risk management frameworks and processes, and formulating various systems for risk control management;
2.Carry out risk consultation and evaluation before the project is established according to the project data, issue written risk assessment opinions, and carry out risk monitoring, testing and post-risk risk assessment of the project.
3.Conducting compliance audits of company decisions and major business activities; organizing, coordinating, and supervising the operation of each department in compliance with laws, regulations, and regulatory department policies; identifying, reviewing, and reporting on daily compliance risks
4.Supervise the implementation of wind control and processes by various business departments, complete the various tasks required by the regulatory agencies such as the risk self-assessment report, and report the identified risks to the company leaders in a timely manner.
5.Fully responsible for overall business risk control management, including: business credit risk, operational risk, market risk, liquidity risk, etc.;
6.Responsible for establishing a monitoring system and quantifying risk characteristics;
Upon Interview
Risk Controller 1.Monitor abnormal high-risk customers, monitor 24*7 business risk points
2.Complete the contents of daily routine control work;
3.Regularly report on work and give feedback on work opinions and suggestions;
4.Reward the risk issue and solve it in the first time;
65K - 85K pesos/month

Personnel Department

Position Description Salary
Personnel Training Specialist 1.Need to be proficient and understand the training needs and needs According to the work content of all positions, analyze the system management of the position.
2.Coordinate with the manager of the department according to the required requirements.
4.Independently produce training programs.
5.Coordinate with supervisors and managers. Training issues and solutions
6.Finding new training pipelines
7.Discussing employee code system management with personnel directors
65K - 85K pesos/month
Personnel Commissioner 1.Recruitment of staff (publishing website, interview schedule)
2.Personnel information construction documents
3.Personnel entry, resignation, attendance system management
4.Company and supervisors to handle matters
5.Employee personnel data archive
6.There are recruitment channels
65K - 85K pesos/month
Personnel Recruitment Specialist 1.Responsible for the company's human resources management and development work;
2.Responsible for the establishment of a standardized recruitment system and recruitment of various departments of the company;
3.More than two years of recruitment experience, management experience is preferred
65K - 85K pesos/month
Auditor 1.Assist department leaders to improve the company's internal audit work related systems and formulate annual audit work plans;
2.Combine the company's business characteristics and development needs, and comprehensively carry out audit projects, including not limited to financial revenue and expenditure and internal control audit, foreign investment and external guarantee audit, performance report and related party transaction audit;
3.Auditing and supervising the soundness, rationality and effectiveness of the internal control systems of each subsidiary;
4.Complete other matters assigned by the department head.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Employee Relations 1.Labor relationship management: labor dispute handling, handling employee complaints, personnel disputes, etc.; for example, disputes between employees
2.Communication management: Ensure that the two-way communication channel between the department and the staff is smooth, and coordinate the department heads to handle the relationship between employees; for example, violation of rules and regulations, transfer of duties, et3.
3.Employee situation management: investigation, monitoring and handling of employee's work situation; solving problems that employees care about. Such as reconciliation, promotion monitoring, employee holiday supervision, et3.
4.Corporate Culture Construction: Building a corporate culture is guiding the alignment of employees and enterprises. Exceptional usual interview assessment 5.Employee Interpersonal Relationship Management: Guide employees to establish good working relationships and create an environment conducive to employees to establish formal interpersonal relationships
6.Service and support: Provide employees with consulting services on national laws, company policies, personal and physical aspects, etc.; coordinate employees to balance work and lif5.
7.Audit of employee performance
8.Other temporary work tasks related to it
65K - 85K pesos/month

Administration Department

Position Description Salary
Administrative Commissioner 1.Handling of dormitory, pick-up, and staffing arrangements (requires 24/7 follow-up)
2.Assist the supervisor level in the production of various forms and provide personnel administrative procedures
3.Management company personnel changes or data changes;
4.Send the approved documents to the match, proofread, and register the date of issue, document number, etc.;
5.Archive all types of files for future enquiries;
6.Processing personnel medical insurance;
7.Administrative support.
65K - 85K pesos/month

Public Opinion Department

Position Description Salary
Public Opinion Commissioner 1.Responsible for the promotion of the website and increase the traffic of the website.
2.Mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the forum and the image promotion of the external forum company
3.Responsible for text layout to attract more players
4.Research forum competing products and provide iteration and improvement needs
5.Assist in cooperating with moderators to plan forum activities and increase forum activity
6.Regularly interview users and users to analyze user needs and website advantages and disadvantages
65K - 85K pesos/month
Forum Commissioner 1.Repost the company's online game to attract online supply
2.Regularly organize activities to encourage new members to return to the pot members and old members to store value feedback and period competitions
3.For those who criticize the company's online games, think of ways to water bleach
4.Actively develop new forums in addition to maintaining old forums
5.Register new webpage to develop new customer advertising
65K - 85K pesos/month
Public Service Station Outside the Station 1.In the process of brand promotion, brand awareness is the foundation. It is fundamental to improve brand loyalty. Brand maintenance is mainly for users to communicate emotional dialogue, enhance brand loyalty, maintain brand image, and thus improve brand conversion rate;
2.Content construction, the use of pictures, GIF maps, text, video and other media to convey relevant content of the company to customer information, and promote conversion. Deliver valuable information to users through the creation, distribution and dissemination of reasonable content;
65K - 85K pesos/month
Public Opinion Operator 1.DS Sports: The active time per hour is no less than 30 minutes;
2.NetEase lottery: 20 stickers per hour;
3.Baidu product exposure stickers: at least 20 per shift, must select more than 10W. The text can be without the task platform information. The post image needs to be exposed with the screenshot of the Wanbo sports mobile phon5.It is not possible to directly print the product map to avoid deleting the title.
4.Baidu product exposure stickers: will be diversified, hot stickers illustrations use their posts hotspots to achieve continuous exposure, in the relevant teams, discuss the inside of the illustration exposure, each bar has a top discussion, inside The popularity of the traffic is relatively high, and some product maps are sent inside;
6.In the basketball discussion area, add 7 screens to the early shift, add 5 screen stickers for the afternoon shift, and add 3 screen stickers for the evening shift.
7.Respond to the request: the tyrant sticker response requires 2 to 5 floor comments, the tyrant screen post the main building gambling dog, the second floor unified poster; the screen sticker, there is a requirement, the posting interval is more than 10 minutes;
65K - 85K pesos/month

Testing Division

Position Description Salary
Test Specialist 1.Test the platform software, check the problem and give back to the product owner. 65K - 85K pesos/month

Preferential Department

Position Description Salary
Preferential Planning Team Personnel Requirements 1.Competitor data collection, data summary analysis; prize information collection and summary
2.preferential schedule, preferential point presets
3.The specific program of the preferential activities, the rules and regulations are perfect, the picture plan, the activity organization follow up
4.Data collection, synthesis, statistical analysis, and report at the end of the offer
65K - 85K pesos/month

External Post

Position Description Salary
Off-site Customer Dervice 1.Activities in the company's station. Assist in the promotion, introduction of new products, new functions,
2.User's frequently asked questions, inquiries, novice tutorials, etc.
3.Use online consulting tools to receive customers, answer questions, help customers solve problems, and facilitate conversion;
4.Out-of-station customer service number exclusive event planning operation, company brand story, brand sponsorship, product promotion
5.Out-of-station customer service number content operation: information, recommendation, video, and a good player traffic guidance
65K - 85K pesos/month
Off-site Copy 1.Company copy: product description and packaging, company introduction, project plan;
2.Event planning: planning and copywriting support for marketing, marketing, public relations and other activities;
3.Advertising creativity: creativity and copywriting of online, offline media, advertising;
4.Public relations soft text: collection, collation and writing of media soft texts and advertising data;
5.Responsible for the establishment, promotion, maintenance and promotion of the company's corporate image;
6, good writing skills, excellent text control ability, has a certain market analysis ability.
7.Cooperate with the work assigned by the supervisor to implement the production of various creative details.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Off-site Maintenance (Ajie) 1.Use company resources to maintain customer relationships with existing customers and communicate with customers based on information provided by the company
2.Cooperate with online promotion work, do a good job in the implementation of offline activities and related expansion business
4.Learn more about the core requirements of customers, properly handle service failures and customer complaint handling, and track and analyze consumer satisfaction.
65K - 85K pesos/month
Off-site Development 1.Responsible for product development related data collection, data preparation, and post-reporting materials work.
2.Responsible for investigating and analyzing the market and customer needs.
3.Track and analyze the market reaction status of inter-bank products, and submit analysis reports of market hot products from time to time.
4.Responsible for the collection and arrangement of feedback information of customers and business personnel after the product is put on the market, and complete the analysis report of the listed products in combination with the sales and payment of the products.
5.Handle other work assigned by the department head.
6.Develop new customers, understand customer needs, and flexibly use various resources to develop new customers;
7.Familiar with promotion methods and platform gameplay, etc.
65K - 85K pesos/month
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