Company Responsibility


Take on our common responsibility

In Asia Pacific Technology Inc. it is every employees responsibility to understand the company policies and guidelines codes. If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us; if you have any business ethics opinions, feel free to express them. Our Supervisors, leaders, managers, HR and admin department would answer your questions and provide guidances regarding the issue.

This guideline contains general information for Asia Pacific Technology Inc. and complies with the office working ethics, applicable laws, rules and regulations. If the standards of this guideline is higher than the standard procedure of applicable law, then Asia Pacific Technology Inc. will follow the former which have higher standards. Our actions reflect the values and principles of Asia Pacific Technology Inc., which promotes a good working environment to maintain and enhance the reputation of Asia Pacific Technology Inc. For this reason, every member of Asia Pacific Technology Inc. is required to understand and comply with the company guidelines. Set an example by following the company rules and regulations, following the correct procedures even though some alternative choices seems quicker or convenient. Understand and follow all company policies, guidelines and procedures.

Never put personal interest above the company and never abuse the position you hold or attain information for personal gain. Conduct work and business in a legal and honest manner. All departments should provide necessary training or guidance to their employee and ensure they understand and comply the guidelines. When facing questionable business ethics or legal issues, seek guidance or assistance and explain the situation to the manager, supervisor, HR department or the person in charge. Immediately report any unethical or illegal incident to the department supervisor, HR manager or above. Take immediate action when any wrongdoing or unlawful allegations has been confirmed. In an open-minded working environment, feel free to ask questions, offer advices and be punctual during work.

Management Responsibility


Take responsibility as a business manager

Maintain the company reputation, it is important that employees thoughts and responsibility combines to what drives them to maintain the unity and the stability of the company. Preparedness is the key to success. It can be see that planning and decision-making is critical to establish an effective organization, while creating various type of system to coordinate internal relationships between various personnel, while achieving the company goals. Encourage an open-minded, honest and meaningful conversation, allowing employees to provide feedback, without the fear of retaliation and offering suggestion.

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